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A History of
Serving Michigan

About Candius

Wife & Mother

Wife & Mother

The most important aspect of Candius’ life is her partner and husband, Christopher Stearns along with their two children, Samuel (14) and David (10). Activities they enjoy together include CrossFit and travel. As a family, they are involved in their local Orthodox Church. Candius serves in her church as a 7th grade Catechism teacher. She has a passion for several charities which include Promise Village Home for Children, Compassion International, and Mission 22.

Candius has been focused on creating new opportunities for her children. She’s watched mainstream academia push our young adults and high schoolers towards four year degrees that leave them or their parents in debt with degrees. While everything might not be decided for her two sons, she wants all students to know that there are well-paying career opportunities outside mainstream college routes.

While she definitely isn’t a career politician, Candius has held positions as an Executive Committee member of the Macomb County GOP and most recently held the treasurer position in the 9th GOP district. Candius Stearns has dedicated to her life to making Michigan, and the U.S., a better place.

Small Business Owner

Small Business Owner

Candius Stearns’ career started as a benefit consultant with a managing agent for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan in 1995. In 1997 she received her license as a Health and Life agent from the State of Michigan. In 1998, she focused her training in life, health, annuities, and mutual funds as a Northwestern Mutual Life Agent. Then in 1999, Candius Stearns founded her own benefit agency, DFBenefits, designed to support and help small business in the Detroit Metro Area.

In 2007, Candius Stearns founded DFB TPA Services LLC a sister company to DFBenefits. In January 2016 Candius combined her group benefits practice with Mason-McBride Corporation. Mason-McBride Inc. (MMC) is a leading provider of commercial property, casualty and 401k securities. MMC is one of Michigan’s largest privately owned independent insurance and financial services organizations.

About Candus