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On the Issues



When I started selling BCBSM insurance 20 years ago to individuals and small businesses, the cost for health insurance benefits was $130 a month for a single person, and $375 for a family of four. Now, thanks to ACA, a 56-year-old single person costs $675 per month. It’s outrageous. There’s several reasons insurance has gone up, but the ACA only addressed insurance issues instead of tackling the three big healthcare concerns. These concerns, and what I am concerned with fixing, are access to care, quality of care, and cost of care. ACA doesn’t help our families, and as someone who is experienced in healthcare, I’m willing to put in the effort ACA didn’t in order to actually help our families.



Our current academia higher level education system pressures students into a one-size-fits-all path that simply doesn’t fit everyone. Michigan is the car manufacturing capital of America, but as our skilled tradesmen retire, we don’t have enough employees who have the skills to replace them. I’m a strong proponent of education apprenticeship and technical trade programs. There’s this stigma that you are less if you work with your hands. I want to change that. Tradesmen and women are the backbone of our society, and it’s time we give our skilled workers the credit they deserve while also filling the employment gaps in our technical fields.



Let’s face it head on and honestly: our economy is overburdened by taxes and regulations. Our tax code is too complicated. Just like our families, businesses struggle when it comes to filing taxes. Small businesses are hurt most of all. ACA insurance mandates in 2014 raised the employer healthcare premium by 60-110%. Healthcare premiums in Michigan costs more than most employees rent or mortgage dollars per month. Small business pay the lion’s share of the employees rate because they know their employees can’t afford it without their contributions. Healthcare costs are the 2nd largest expense outside of payroll and costs approximately $10 an hour to provide to our citizens. We need to provide relief to our small business owners and our middle-class income families.

Employee benefits cost employers $10.70 per hour in March 2016
~ Bureau of Labor


Government Spending

I’m ready to change Washington’s spending addiction. We pay taxes with hard-earned, much-needed dollars, and we barely see anything come from it. We keep getting less from Washington, even as they ask for more and raise taxes that don’t need to be raised. It’s been 30 years since a fresh voice was in Washington, speaking up for our rights. I’m ready to change the status quo: put taxpayers first, protect and keep what we have worked so hard to earn.


Immigration Reform

We’re under attack. Every day we see it on the news: terrorists doing what they can to attack freedom and the innocent who dare live freely. Defending our nation from those who would harm us starts with securing our borders. Instead of being politically correct and afraid, we should do the right thing and rise above. We need to enforce our existing immigration laws, support our hard-working law enforcement, intelligence, and immigration agencies in preventing and stopping terrorists. Protection starts from home.

Candius Stearns

Leading Michigan Forward